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    My name is Lisa, And i'm from holland and i have a penpal in the texas crain unit.
    I wanted to send her some things but on the site you can only pay with creditcards,
    And almost nobody (including me) has a creditcard in the Netherlands.
    So i wanted too know if there are other ways for me to send something to an inmate?
    And if so what kind of things can i send from which site?

    In holland we pay with Ideal, But i don't know if you have that in America?

    I hope someone can help me,

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    Are you talking about the new eCommDirect online commissary service? If so, you can use a debit card. Americans do have debit cards but they are nowhere near as popular as they are in Europe, and to Americans "credit card" means both credit and debit card in most cases.

    Make sure your pal's family have not already purchased her items though, because the limit is $50 per inmate per quarter.

    You can also use the Texas Prison Bookstore to send items, and Amazon although you have to be careful that the items are approved by TDCJ (and the shipping costs with Amazon are high).
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