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Thread: Job Applications "Ban the Box"

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    To me this law is a good thing. An applicant with a history gets the chance to make a good impression at the interview, and then it's up to the employer to decide if they think this person has changed or not or if the crime was relevant for the job.
    Employers are responsible for the safety of their employees and customers, and especially with in the US with its almost non-existent rehab programs I believe that employers should have the right to know about the applicant's past, at least about crimes of a certain nature that were committed quite recently.

    Here in my country employers are only allowed to ask for convictions if they are crucial for a job in this field, for example if a cashier has ever been convicted because of theft in the job, of if someone who is supposed to work with children has ever been convicted because of abuse of a minor. BUT here we have quite intensive rehab programs and people get help to change, so the situation is different.

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    As Jona says a criminal background check is essential to certain jobs, it falls on the individual looking for job to not apply for jobs that requires these checks. It has nothing to do with discrimination, it is common sense and in some countries law to not employ people with certain crimes for certain jobs. I'm all for giving ex felons every chance to find jobs after release but at the same time I do not want for example a person with a violent past to look after my elderly grandmother or a disabled child however I would have no problem with the person working in other types of jobs. As the list shows there are plenty of employers out there who are willing to give ex felons a job and probably even more that are not listed. The word discrimination is used way too easily for things that really has nothing to do with discrimination.

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