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Thread: Why Prison Pen Pals?

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    I have written only to one person and we have now a great friendship. I am reading this forum and seeing often how people write for 5-6-.. people, but i wouldn't have time for that. Even if we change maybe like 3-4 letters per month. I found a good friend, who is introducing me USA, prison system etc. I am introducing him my country and Europe overall. The biggest reason probably was to make someone smile. He is so thankful of my letters and few days ago his mom sent me a letter in FB, which she thanked me for being such a good friend for her son. That was super cute!
    But yeah, we change letters, i send him pictures and have sent one book. He is sending me cards sometimes, what he buys from other prisoners who doesn't get support from their families. He is making me smile in every letter he writes and I am trying to do the same.

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    I don't have a lot of trouble juggling multiple pen pals. The length of time it takes to write depends on how long the inmate's letter is. One of mine sends huge letters, like 6 pages long front and back. It takes me hours to write back to her. Most are just 1 page front and back.

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    Yeah that's true, that it depends on how long letters they send. Usually I get also at least 5+ pages (front and back full) so that might be the thing. My pen pal is in closed custody currently, so maybe that's why he writes so long letters, when he will get back to general population then he might not have this much time to write anymore. We'll see.

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    For me, it was pure curiousity. I have two pen pals right now. I had a show called "Death Row Stories," or something similar named. There was this death row prisoner who had a wife and she was able to get pregnant with his babies. They met as pen pals first. This was the first time I've heard of Prison pen pals. I was curious so I decided to write some.

    One stopped after I sent a photo.
    Another stopped, I don't know why.

    I have three remaining ones. I like receiving mail. I haven't found love and am not expecting too. I've found good friends though and they help me a lot with my depression. Feel free to pm me.

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