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Thread: Help! I cannot use Jpay!! Please help me!

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    Default Help! I cannot use Jpay!! Please help me!

    Hi everybody! My name is Daniela. I am from Argentina and I new here. But I am glad of participate in "write a prisoner".
    I have a peen pal in Ohio and hr has JPay, I sent a letter but he received it after a month and JPay doesn't accept my debit and credit cards because they are not international. Is there any other way of buy stamps and I deposit the money in a bank account? I want to answer the emails he wrote to me. I really want to help him.
    Can anyone help me please? I don't know what to do.
    My pen pal told me to phoned his grandma so I sent her the money and she buy me the stamps but I don't know. What do you think about it?
    On the other hand I want to know if I can phoned him ? Do I have to phoned to the prison?
    Please help me.
    Thanks a lot and sorry if my English is not so good.
    Have a nice week.

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    Default Re: Help! I cannot use Jpay!! Please help me!

    I believe you can buy stamps by sending a money order through jpay. There should be a customer service number for jpay that you can call and see if they can better assist you in that regards.

    As far as phone calls go, your pen pal has to call you. You cannot call them, sorry.
    Welcome to write a prisoner! Always feel free to ask any questions...there are no questions that are too dumb to ask. We were all once new here and some of us, including myself are still getting the hang of it. Be patient because it may take a little while for a response from someone but you'll eventually get your answer.

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    Default Re: Help! I cannot use Jpay!! Please help me!

    Thanks a lot. I called Jpay customer service ut as my credit card is not valid nobody answered me. I had to put a valid credit card number ir not they don't talk to you.
    I am going yo write an email again and ask for sending a money order.
    Thanks for answer and help Me.
    I am feelling really lost

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    Default Re: Help! I cannot use Jpay!! Please help me!

    I'm in Denmark and my JPay works.
    Call their number and type whatever you need to in order to get ahold of a person. Then, when you get that person on the line, simply tell them you're having trouble setting up an account and ask to be transferred to another human - that's how it worked for me.
    I have a JPay set up and it works just fine - I can buy stamps, fund media, videograms, snap n sends - the works. You just have to call and give them your information over the phone - make sure you have a very simple email address and have your country code handy for the phone number.
    They'll test your card by purchasing stamps with you on the phone, if it goes through, you're golden to use it right through their website from then on.
    Good luck!

    All that said, I had to send Paypal to one of my pen pal's family/friends in order to get them to deposit funds for a phone system, because unlike JPay, they don't like my card. It's annoying, but there are work-arounds available. Money orders tend to cost quite a bit when they're international, be sure to check out the fees before you do anything.

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    Default Re: Help! I cannot use Jpay!! Please help me!

    I am in the UK, and I have no problems sending money to commissary accounts, buying stamps or sending and receiving emails from my inmate penpals. One of my PP's is on Death Row so cannot use the email service, we communicate by snail mail. I have had no problem sending her money for stamps and money for her birthday. My Jpay account is linked to my bank account by debit card, and the setup works very well.

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