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Thread: Care Packages for Stillwater?

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    Default Care Packages for Stillwater?

    There is quite a bit of information here, but I'm wondering if it's possible to send a care package (for Christmas) to the max Stillwater facility?

    Does anyone have a list of approved vendors that I can go through? Or should I contact the warden (or is there someone better I should contact, so as not to annoy the warden?)

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    No need to contact the warden for this. Go online and check the rules for packages. Not sure if you mean a care package that you put together as that is how I generally think of care packages. This is not allowed. For my friend's facility, I can choose a book from an approved vendor. Inmates are only permitted a certain number of packages each year. They usually want to purchase this on their own as it usually includes food and hygiene items. What about a calendar? I found both of my friends were appreciative of this. It's that time, too. If you send it, though, be sure to read about the allowable weight. A calendar is too heavy to send as one package and so I have to take the staples out of the center and send it in two packages.

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    Default Re: Care Packages for Stillwater?

    I certainly don't want to limit their ability to get what they need, I hadn't even thought about the possibility of packages being limited to a set number each year. Does that include books, or is that different? Thank you, by the way, for responding.

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