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Thread: Request stories for a book

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    Default Request stories for a book

    As the wife of an inmate, I get great support from reading your stories. I would like to publish some in a book and would appreciate any of you sending them to me by pm. Everything will be anonymous although your State or country would help. Thank you.

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    What kind of stories are you looking for? My husband and I met during his incarceration. His first letter to me was dated February 21,2014, we became friends and grew closer over the months that passed. I visited him for the first time in TDCJ on January 18, 2015, the day before my birthday. I never missed one weekend for well over a year and a half. We were married at the Ellis unit on May 10, 2016...happiest day of my life. We've enjoyed our share of ups and downs, and more than our share of misunderstandings because it's hard to interpret each other's moods from reading a letter. Eventhough, he's been moved around alot and is currently being housed at the Allred unit in Iowa Park6, TX, (temporarily on Robertson unit t6due to shoulder and knee problems) I still feel closer to him than I ever have with anyone else. I swear there are literally days when I can feel him walk up behind me and gently caress my neck. Unfortunately, I am unable to visit him right now because of some health issues I am having(open heart surgery), but we still enjoy corresponding with each other on a daily basis. I have every letter he's ever written to me and he has all the ones I've written to him. Hopefully, by the end of this month he will go back to medium custody and we will be able to enjoy talking over the phone...all I know is that I love and miss him like crazy!! We are working our way to parole in May of next year in hopes that this will be the year he comes home to me, and we can finally begin our life together on the outside.

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