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Thread: How many inmates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mensasnem View Post
    I have just written to my first inmate and eventually plan to correspond with several. I'm taking it one step at a time. I'd like to get to know this first inmate before I begin adding more. I'm certain everyone has different reasons for corresponding with inmates and have decided how many with whom to correspond. I'm curious about how many and why that number.

    With how many inmates do you correspond?

    How did you decide on that number? (What factors govern the number of inmates with whom you correspond?)

    Have you corresponded with more in the past?

    Do you plan to correspond with more in the future?

    If you no longer correspond with some inmates, what event(s) brought the correspondence to a close?

    Have you written to inmates who never responded?
    For me I just wrote to one, and all it took.

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    I got two pen- pals and are enough for me, I don't need no more, they are amazing. I can't open myself to many people, this not FB where you can say you have 500 friends. Friendship is something meaningful. My incarcerated friends are special to me, unique friends. I do the same with my friends in the outside, I just got a few. Being realistic, in life you can count your friends with just one hand.

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    When I decided to write inmates, I didn't really think of a certain number to stop at. I just wrote who I found interesting and figured not all of them would respond (I was wrong on that one lol). But I'm unemployed and on disability so I have all the time in the world. Ever since I found write a prisoner, I like coming on just to read what the newest profiles are in for. I have found a few more I thought I found interesting but ultimately I need to focus on getting myself off my feet and not write inmates all day lol.
    I am having trouble corresponding with one inmate. Nothing happened, I just think he isn't receiving his mail. He told me that using letter quick would be faster so I responded using that service but nothing. I contacted the company and they said they resent the letter. Still nothing. So I think there's a problem somewhere but I decided to write and mail it snail mail and see what happens.

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    No idea if it's still from interest for you. I wrote in Germany two inmates for years. Now one comes out but for me it is clearly just penpale. So the contact will stop then ( he will have enough contact outside and not still needing me anymore).
    After this I decide to find new penpales. I contacted five but I think not all will answer. Perhaps two. And if I am wrong with this it's okay. I enjoy writing letters and so I will handle this.

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    I actually write with three inmates. One in Texas, one in Illinois and one in Indiana.
    I started with one for a few month, then I wrote another one because his profile sounds interesting and the third one?s profile appeared on the day I was just looking what?s new. I don?t know why but I needed to write him and it was the only first letter I got no problems to think about what I?ll write :-) He replied btw :-)

    I don?t want more pp in the future because three is really enough and I don?t want to end up writing the same about me all the time. My pp are all very different types so it?s easy to correspond with them. Different interests, different times they come out etc.

    I think the correspondence with one of pp will be less in the future because he starts acting a bit strange to me. For a few month he?s writing a lot of letters and a lot of postcards and is talking about love and in the same letter that he lost all his money and that his relatives can?t send him money anymore etc (he wrote it twice in the last time) . I don?t reply to that but I made clear that I?m not interested in a relationship. And I?m not naive (money and love in the same letter is a bit stupid) ;-)

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