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Thread: British journalist writing about death row pen pals

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    Default British journalist writing about death row pen pals

    My name is Andrew Purcell, I'm a British journalist, andhave lived in New York for the last twelve years. I first became interested indeath row pen pals when I covered a case in Texas, almost certainly a miscarriage of justice, and got to know both the prisoner, Larry Swearingen, and the German woman who started out as his pen pal and became his wife. The long version of that article was published in the Dubline Review and can be read here:

    If you don't have time to read the full 10,000 words, thenthis is a shorter version, published in the Sunday Herald:

    I am hoping to write a magazine story about death row pen pals, featuring interviews with several women corresponding with men who have been condemned to die, and with the prisoners themselves. The sort of questions I'd be asking are: Why did you decide to write to a prisoner? Why someone on death row? What do you get out of the relationship? What are your hopes for the future? Are you prepared for the fact that his appeals may fail and he may be executed? To do it well, I'd need to get to know you, on email, over the phone, and eventually in person.

    Please contact me at If youwould like to check out my website first, to read some more of my writing,including interviews with lots of very famous and interesting people, it is

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