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Thread: How is everyones Death Row experiences?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonlampje View Post
    Well, I had a penfriend with a life sentence (not DR, but it's kind of similar) and he bragged to me about how he had shown my picture (a NORMAL picture) to all of his homies and how they were talking about my "mountains". Well, this already didn't go to well with me because I always state in my first letter that I'm not into that kind of rubbish. The next letter I got was practically a "rape" letter and that was it. I replied in my own Moonlampje way (with a lot of "what the F were you thinking" and "how effing humiliating"), but he sent that letter back. With a tiny note stating that: hey, he's a guy and I should deal with that and he wanted an apology and why I didn't say anything posotive about the rest of his letter.
    Needless to say that I told him that I wasn't gonna take anything back and I wished him all the best of luck in finding a new penfriend.

    Just because they are in prison doesn't mean they can disrespect you and you have all the right to tell him that. No matter how much you enjoyed writing him, he has no right to cross any of your boundaries.
    No, of course not you don't need any tiny note how to think.(life is rubbish sometimes)
    from a crazy person born in Scotland now living here in Canada.(Don't over think this)

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    Default Re: How is everyones Death Row experiences?


    I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me. I am researching into prison dating - specifically those dating someone who is on death row. I wanted to find out if inmates are allowed to Skype/Video call their loved ones or if their supervised calls are only via the telephone?

    It would be great to hear from anyone who has experience of dating someone on death row and if video contact is allowed. Really appreciate any help that I receive.

    Many thanks

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