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    Default warner creek or snake river ... email ...

    i have an account with inmate email and i pay a certain amount per month. for this they give me an allowance of 30 email messages per month. I've found it works well and my friend gets his response from me with 24 to 48 hours which is a lot faster than if i was to post a letter all the way from England.

    However, i dont use all 30 messages a month, and as it currently only covers 2 states, i cant not contact any of my other pen pals this way.

    So, as it seems a shame to waste the emails i am paying for, i was wondering if there was anyone else in the UK, or maybe even Europe, who would like to use up some of my emails. I wouldnt ask for any payment from them to use them.

    Conditions are
    its free for you
    You would get 10 of my emails a month, and if i had any left over at the end of the month, could possibly use those also.
    that emails are private and we would not read each others correspondance.
    Also that we would not contact the other persons penpal for any reason (unless in a circumstance where there was prior mutual consent for a particular situation)
    We would not spread about publically who the other person is writing too.
    We would cast no judgement on each others choice of pen pal.

    So if there is anyone on here who is interested, the places they cover are :
    Oregon : Snake River and Warner Creek
    Pennsylvania : Cambridge springs, Mercer, Forest, Greene, Greensburg, Fayette and Pittsburgh.

    Please pm me if you are interested
    I hope i can help someone with this offer, it seems a shame to have those emails there and not making good use of them all.

    x Kitty x
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    Default Re: warner creek or snake river ... email ...

    Hi there, I know this email comes very late, but does your offer still stand? I'm writing to someone in Snake River at the moment.

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    Default Re: warner creek or snake river ... email ...

    @ Heinz did you get any response?

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