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    I am hoping someone can help me. I have been writing to a prisoner in the Kentucky prison system. I have gotten to know thisman through letters and phone calls. I would like to offer him a home and a place to get back on his feet. However from what I understand the prison system will not let him transfer from Kentuky to my homestate of Missouri unless I am family. I am totally perplexed by this policy. I asked what will happen to him if he has no place else to go and the response blew me away. He will go to a halfweay house and if he is unable to find a job and a place to live in 30 days he will be returned to prison to serve out another 3 years of time. This is a good man. He made a mistake. Why would the prison system set this man up for failure? How is he going to start a new life on his own in 30 days? Does anyone have any advice or experience with transferring prisoners from state to state? Please help!!!

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    John! I too was writing a prisoner in Kentucky and offered him a place in my home. However, he was released without parole/probation and there were no issues in regard to his being released to me here in Indiana. As I am a bit closer to Kentucky than you, I picked him up at the door (Eddyville, KY). As the previous post states, I did due dilligence and had acquired his criminal past to insure that I knew what I was getting myself into. You can look him/her up at: Kentucky: Department of Corrections - Kentucky Offender Online Lookup (KOOL), find the county the conviction was in and then look that county up (via google) and most (I have found) allow you to look up an individual by past jail times, should you find that necessary or warranted. I do not know if he told the facility that I was a relative, butr when I sopke with his case manager, no such questions arose. Hope this helps!

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