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Thread: Headed to prison

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    Default Headed to prison

    I thought this would be a relevant category to the forum. While we primarily deal with people already caught up in the prison system, there are many people headed there for the first time. I think this area could serve as a good resource for first timers. There is a lot of knowledge and experience in the prison system within this forum. This will be a good place to share it.
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    Default Re: Headed to prison

    I think this would be a great idea!!! I have talked to just a few people on what to expect . But I have talked to more people like me. Who is going in prison for the first time. Any kind of information will help us out.. Most of the info I am getting is coming from what I find on the web.. A form letter. I am seriously thinking about buying this book: The Ultimate Guide to
    Life in Federal Prison So please if you have been to a federal prison or camp leave a little knowledge for the next bunch, Just remember how you were feeling before you went in.. The questions you had,, Please don't wait to be asked just leave saome knowledge behind I know I will appreiciate it and everyone else who is about to be entering.... Thank You Very Much Sher

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    Sher have you gone the Fed website for the facility you are entering? You will be ahead of the game if you know the rules for the facility before you get there as long as you keep your mouth shut. No one likes a know it all that says it out loud. Know the rules back and forth before you go in don't make trouble for the COs but be a warrior for yourself.

    If you have enough time, find a self defense class, a boot camp anything that will teach you how to protect yourself from anyone you don't want to hurt you, make you do acts you don't want to do or make you do anything that will jeopardize a chance of parole.

    Initially, be prepared to strip down, (Moderator Edited) so the prison knows you're not smuggling anything in. Then be prepared to have a cold shower that times out after at a max 5 minutes where you need to strip down after the search, step in, lather up, wash off and then dry off. Yes all in 5 minutes.

    Then you're off to, if you haven't been before the shower, the prison clothing area. Hopefully you'll get your shoe size if not a half to a full size bigger shoes will be issued. You'll get a designated amount of underwear i.e. plain white panties, and bras, jumpsuits, t-shirts, pants etc. and heaven help you if you have your period during the intake. Pads can be slow coming and if you are in a Fed facility that has White as a uniform, hope that your intake cell has a clean toilet so you can rinse the stains out.

    After the initial intake, you will probably be kept on an incomer area which will probably be disgusting as the prison doesn't change bedding i.e. mattresses, if you have one, out for each prisoner. Don't count on a pillow.

    Most likely, after 3 weeks, you will have been graded and then sent to your assigned level/tier/block/seg unit.

    (Moderator Edited)

    Not my words, just repeating what my pps experienced when they first went in.

    PM me if you want specifics.

    Sher, you wanted to know and Adam, you started this thread, happy you did, it's a reality not discussed to date on this site, not so sure that anyone else is or will be on board with this topic nor with honest answers.

    Sher, take care of yourself, protect yourself, don't think that your cellie is your friend, don't think that any CO is your friend. Self contained, calm and determined to get out whole is your mission, do whatever you need to do before you go in to prepare for that and when you're in maintain.

    Hope this helped you even if it is scary.
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    Default Re: Headed to prison


    first of all, fed prison is better then a state prison. They feed you better and they have better conditions the state does.

    This thread is to help ppl, like your self, that is headed for prison.

    In feds, you will also be going through a process called intake. you will be going to a certain prison that will do all the processing. Im not sure where that will be with woman. men normally goes to OKL. I will try to find out for you.

    If you need to talk, pls feel free to pm me anytime
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    Default Re: Headed to prison

    In the men’s units there are “gangs”. Women have their form of “gangs” too, but more often women gather together in groups that are based on “relationships”. A woman entering the Texas prisons should be just as cautious of quickly forming close relationships with other women or groups of women as should men be careful when considering the offers to join a gang. In either case, BEWARE!! Gang members exist on the women’s units, but are not as prevalent as on the male units.
    “Relationships” seem to be the norm on the female units. In many ways, the “approach” can resemble the invitation to be in a gang, but it’s a one-on-one relationship. Women are more emotional creatures and the stronger women will play on the emotions of the weaker ones, and will particularly set the traps for a new offender. The “pitch” may be for protection, for so called “friendships”, or need to ease the loneliness by having an emotional closeness with another person, and this can include a sexual relationship. The advice is DO NOT GET CLOSE TO ANYONE for any reason.

    New offenders are prime targets
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    All people want is someone to listen.

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    Default Re: Headed to prison

    Hi Sher, I have never been to prison but, my husband has. This information I believe would help be one a male or female still applies.

    First Federal Prisons in most states, are cleaner, have better educated staff, and food is much better also.
    Some basics for you on first entering, inside, it is considered bad manners to look inside their cells as walking by, always look ahead. Be careful using the phone on what is said, and if calling someone do not allow them to let someone pick up another extentsion there, that is against rules.

    Thing's to do"
    Mind your own business
    Watch carefully what you say
    Play it cool
    Be sharp/alert
    Be honorable

    Things " not" to do !!!
    Don't snitch
    Dont pressure another inmate
    Don't lose your head
    Do-Not attract attention
    Nor break your word
    Nor exploit other's

    Our thoughts are with you, feel free to ask or talk anytime you need.
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    Default Re: Headed to prison

    Hey there Sher. Sorry to hear about this but at least you are out for the time being and can prepare a bit. I have never been incarcerated in a federal prison, nor a state. Just a few unpleasant stays in county jail heheh. So I won’t pretend to be an expert. I think you have gotten some good advice thus far. I know just from being in a pod and having several different female cell mates, it’s important to focus on what you say before you say it. The tendency is to fill up the tension with a lot of casual jibber jabber like you would on the outside but it’s very different in this setting. You don’t want to appear disrespectful or weird by not responding of course but try to keep your replies vague and short. Do not discuss names, specific details of anything that occurred on the outside, or anything about your personal life. Be observant of 1. Who you are talking with 2. That person's standing in the pod and 3. Who is watching you. As a new inmate, you will be scrutinized to see where your attentions lie and conversation with a specific inmate tends to give others the impression that you are "chums". That could be a mistake and difficult or impossible to reconcile. Otherwise, relax. Don’t appear nervous even if you are.
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    Default Re: Headed to prison

    Hi sher i just wanted to say i wish you the very best of luck and welcome to wap i will keep you both in prayer ,sorry i cant give you any real advice but im glade Adam started this thread for those that are facing what must be the hardest and scariest time of their lives my heart goes out to you both
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    Lightbulb Re: Headed to prison


    I see you have had a lot of advice and offers for Pen Pals. That is good! There are a lot of great people here on WAP that speak from their heart and that too is good!

    This thread "is" a very good idea, of course.

    I have been to jail and to prison. It has been a long time ago. You seem to have had a lot of interesting and helpful advice. You have to "do you". I believe it is different for each person, and yet, the same.

    My suggestion, if you don't mind, is that you find something to believe in. A "Higher Power" so-to-speak. I believe in God and know that He will see you through whatever situation you are going through. You just have to have faith . If you truly ask forgiveness and you mean it from your heart, you are forgiven. Stay honest, share what you have been through in your life that has led you to where you are. Help someone else who may need to hear it. You never know who your words are helping.

    I believe that God works through a person to help others.

    I went through so very much and deserved to be where I was when I was in jail. Yet God saw reasons to save me from myself. I had hope that I would make it and my life would be better and different . I would still probably make mistakes but it would not be the same mistakes.

    Your lives will change. Your experience inside the prison may be what changes your lives for the better! Trust and believe that God will see you through whatever it is you will face and know you will come out of it a better person, and stronger person and a more mature person.

    I will pray for you both and I have high hopes and wishes for you and yours. I have faith that all will be as it should.

    Be Blessed!
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    Default Re: Headed to prison

    God Bless
    All people want is someone to listen.

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