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    I am new to this pen pal thing. I am currently writing six penpals and so far it is truly a blessing to have found such honest and caring friends through wap.

    However one of my penpals asked me in his second letter if he could have my phone number. His explanation was that the process for getting phone numbers approved is lengthy.

    He says he will only call if I say its okay. He never has asked for anything, just my number. I wouldn't mind if he called me but I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with this matter. Is it too soon to hand over my number?

    P.S. I use my real address but I'm not so sure about my phone number.

    Thank u for any responses.

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    I speak to one of my pps on the phone but we waited about 9 months to do that. Some people speak to their pps right away. It's up to you whether you want to give him your phone number. If you feel comfortable with it and want to speak to him, go ahead and do it.

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    I understand your trepidation because I would have been the same on letter 2. That's just me, though. It took 9 months before I would even have wanted it and then, it was him that brought it up. I wasn't that comfortable at first but truly, it is a stellar and fantastic experience.

    I personally would NOT have done it without getting to know and trust a little because that's how I am as a person, but others don't see it that way at all and only view it as an instant communication that makes everything more personal and easier. (Some people are "phone" people.)

    The problem is, once you do it, if it doesn't work out... how do you go back to just letters? That would be weird to me, so that's why I'm cautious about it. It's not that I'm afraid they're gonna start stalking me with crazy calls or anything. I think that's HIGHLY unlikely of a scenario because you don't get to just do that from prison, even if you wanted to. They would get in trouble for anything like a threatening call. (Just as an example on one end of the fear spectrum!)

    You could always say, hey, let's write for a few more months, see how it works out and then we can revisit the phone idea. There are ways to say things without putting people off or making them feel bad for asking. It's not that it's a bad idea but you have a right to go at your own pace, eh?

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    I love my calls just got of the phone with V ;-) i have a very big soft spot for him !!!!!! one sexy man that. lol

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    I like your suggestion I think I will write him and let him know I wouldn't mind but I think I would like to get to know him better. Thanks sincerely for answering my question.

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    Your reply made me giggle. I'm so happy your call went very well. If I may ask how soon did the two of you start communicating via phone?

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