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Thread: Google Voice and GTL

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    I love talking to my man D but at 7.00 a call and 2 times a day it's pretty expensive. IWe have GTL whom gave me a credit of 100.00. I would like to set up through Google Voice but GTL asks for copies of your phone bill and utility bill. I thought I could add another number on my account so I set up GV with a local number in California but when I called GTL told me I needed a seperate account for a new number. Anyone use GV with GTL?

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    Im new to this and was wondering if there was a way around the expensive bills? Is 7.00 the standard rate?

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    depends where you are and where the inmate is. gtl isn't bad.just get a local number. i tried to do a google voice and was like why bother with this confusion and forwarding (which is NO-NO IN MOST PRISON CALLS)when i can just go buy a phone and get a local to the inmate number assigned to it. @finkers i do have an account for my house phone and an account for my cell phone. ijust sent the phone bills from each to them plus the copy of another bill for my adrs. then the account was set up about 4 days more thing, gtl allows one cell phone and one house phone per in other words i can't have like 2-3 different cell and/or house numbers in my name. my local number cell calls are $1.79, my house cleve.oh. to ione ca. are $6.97 per15 min. a call
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    I think if you asked this on prison talk online you might get some more response. I have heard of people using magicjack, its something I think you should check out as well.
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