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Thread: The games that inmates play

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    Scamming doesn't always come in the form of money. People can scam others in a myriad of ways. They can put forth a certain persona to sucker people in all the while basing everything off of lies. Eventually the lies catch up. This is not just a prisoner thing. People in the free world do it all the time. Live and learn.

    I get tired of people always assuming all inmates live to scam people. No, they're not in there for being upstanding citizens. However, we ALL have a past. Judge not lest ye be judged. You don't want people judging you, right? You have no right to judge anyone unless you are always 100% honest. And no one in this world is.

    No one is defending these guys like they're angels. We just like to give people the benefit of the doubt. If you don't want to write then don't. Or you can keep writing and hopefully learn something, about the world and about yourself.

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    Just a few more of these old chestnuts and I'll have enough to stuff a turkey.

    Cessna, if you only wrote to your penpal initially because you were drunk, and you don't think of the correspondence as a friendship, then perhaps you should make your excuses and stop writing to him now before he becomes too attached to you. And then just don't go online when you are drunk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cessna View Post
    I am a bit cold and unemotional person and my pp is the opposite. he is so compassionate, emotional and considerate and he writes such things...I sometimes feel sorry for him that he should get a pen pal who has a personality like him. but he says he feels great with me and I am like...seriously
    Sounds like my pen pal and I He always says that I keep him grounded because he has a habit of being a bit out there, and he is opening up some of my more creative sides that I never knew I had. It doesn't matter how you started to write him, if you and him enjoy the interaction that is all that matters. Trust him until he crosses a boundary, after that talk to him and resolve it if you can. For instance, if he asks for money and you don't want to give it to him, say No and see how he reacts. He may just shrug it off, and you two can continue being friends. If however he stops talking to you or, is disrespectful then yeah cut off contact, but for now just take all the info here, and everywhere else with a pinch of salt. Just because some people say that all inmates are scammers, or that all inmates are angels it doesn't mean its the truth or that it applies to all inmates everywhere.

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    Yes, there are inmates out there who are scammers and there's always somebody wanting to point a finger at them and tell everybody what they've done. There are also inmates who have become great friends to their pen pals and have enriched their pps' lives in too many ways to count. It's like the news, they always print the bad stuff but never publicize the good. Whenever you reach out to somebody or try something new, you're taking a risk. You can get burnt but it can also be a very rewarding experience. Just use common sense - don't send money you don't have or if you don't want to, don't give our bank account numbers or credit card numbers, etc. But that applies to every day life, not just dealing with a prisoner.

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    Same crap different day..... i thought i may of come back to read something new.....LOL....mate, how wrong was i, gets a little old after a while. People scam like others have shared, in ALL walks of life, so if you think you are sharing something new, think again. I think those who write prisoners hear of scams more than those actively "fishing"
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    lol... never mind!!! how did it go from writing styles? to scams?? oh okay, i saw DW'S post to some one that was describing her style of writing...never mind me i'm going to a peaceful thread
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