If/when there is a post or thread that you feel is against the TOS you can simply click the triangle with the ! in it that appears in the header of the post to report it.

It does not serve any purpose to fall into the traps that often times arise on the forum. Sadly, two wrongs do not make a right.

Please do not contribute to trouble threads or threads you think are troubled threads. Simply report them and let us handle them.

When multiple users start in on the drama that arises it makes it difficult for us to clean up the threads and to take care of the problem(s) at hand. Instead of having one user violating the TOS we end up with more than one user doing this. Each user is responsible for their own actions, please let your action be to report these threads that you feel are not conducive to a healthy forum or are a violation of TOS, and do not join in on the insults, or offensive posts. This only makes our job easier at cleaning it up and taking care of the problem in a timely manor. Joining in on it only prolongs the issues/problems.

Moderators are not online 24/7. If you send a report a post, it will go out to all of us and the first available will address it.