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    Default Costly Jokes...

    This is not a recent article...but found it pretty crazy!

    Prank sparked prison lockdown
    A teen in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs also prompted a manhunt.
    By Art Campos -- Bee Staff Writer

    Apparently inspired by the MTV reality show "Jackass," two Loomis teenagers recently pulled a prank that led to the lockdown of Folsom Prison and likely left the boys feeling more sheepish than boastful.
    On April 27, one of the boys put on an orange jail jumpsuit he bought at a fleamarket, snapped on a pair of handcuffs and ran along a rural road while his friend videotaped him.

    The stunt backfired when the "escapee" was pursued by citizens, and law enforcement agencies sent out patrol cars, tracking dogs and a helicopter to look for him.
    Folsom Prison officials ordered a full-scale lockdown and conducted a head count to make sure the person seen on King Road wasn't one of their inmates. Jails in Placer and Sacramento counties also checked their inmates.

    With authorities on their trail, the frightened 15-year-olds ditched the jumpsuit, returned home, erased their videotape and confessed to one of their fathers, who called the Placer County Sheriff's Office.

    The teens weren't taken into custody, but they were cited for obstructing or resisting a peace officer -- a charge stemming from their denying involvement when they were stopped in a field during the search, sheriff's Detective Jim Hudson said.

    The case will be reviewed for possible prosecution by the district attorney or the county probation department, which also considers juvenile matters.

    In addition, the boys and their families may have to reimburse law enforcement agencies and Folsom Prison for the costs involved in the search and lockdown.

    "It's probably at least $5,000," Hudson said. "A lot of that comes from Folsom Prison having a lockdown. And the use of the helicopter probably accounts for about $1,000."

    Hudson said the boys "wanted to be on film doing a 'Jackass'-type of a stunt."

    "But every action has a reaction -- and law enforcement isn't always going to give you the reaction you want," he said.

    "Jackass" is an MTV show that features videos of actors performing daredevil stunts, pranks and other outrageous, and often juvenile, behavior.

    The show -- and a 2002 feature-length film called "Jackass: The Movie" -- have been blamed for causing deaths and injuries to young people who imitate stunts.

    MTV spokeswoman Marnie Black did not return calls for comment Tuesday. In the past, MTV has denied responsibility for inspiring viewers to try stunts and said it does not accept submissions from the public.

    They also say the show, which cautions viewers not to try stunts at home, uses professional stuntmen who take all safety precautions.

    But some people don't heed the warnings.

    Two months ago, officials said a 15-year-old Minnesota boy suffered third-degree burns on 65 percent of his body after setting himself on fire to imitate a stunt from the movie.

    Minnesota had another case in which a man wearing a hospital gown stopped traffic by running around with a chain saw. He told police he was inspired by "Jackass."

    In February, four Denver teenagers videotaped themselves as they terrorized a neighborhood with fake fights, traffic stops and toy guns pointed at drivers.

    In December, a 15-year-old Albuquerque, N.M., boy was killed imitating a "Jackass" stunt when he jumped onto the hood of a moving pickup truck and suffered head injuries when the driver hit the brakes.

    The same month, a 13-year-old Indiana boy was killed in a van that drove off a railroad track at 70 mph and crashed into a parked car. Five other teens were injured. Police found a videocamera near the van.

    And in November, a 15-year-old Seattle boy inspired by a "Jackass" stunt soaked his shirt in alcohol and set himself on fire as his friends videotaped him. He suffered first-degree burns on his face, arms and torso.

    The prank by the Loomis boys constituted no breaking of the law, said Hudson, the detective.

    The jail-style outfit was purchased at Denio's auction in Roseville. Although frowned upon by law enforcement, the sale of such an item is not illegal, sheriff's officials said.

    "And as much havoc as they caused in running out on the street in a jail outfit, there was no identifiable law that was broken," Hudson said. "It was a bad practical joke for what happened -- or for what could have happened."

    The boys put the prank into operation about noon, Hudson said.

    "The boy in the jail outfit ran from a wooded area in front of a car," he said. "The woman driver immediately got on her cell phone and called authorities."

    Another citizen tried to tackle the "escapee," but the boy broke free, Hudson said.

    Fifteen uniformed personnel responded to the call, including sheriff's deputies and California Highway Patrol and Rocklin police officers.

    A CHP helicopter flew overhead, and two law enforcement agencies brought in dogs to pick up the subject's scent. The search lasted more than an hour before the father of one of the boys contacted the sheriff's office to say that the two had confessed.

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    Well, this was certainly a stupid stunt.
    It's the first time I've ever heard of someone impersonating an inmate as a prank.

    Boys will be boys! And they are just kids.

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    you got that right russ...having a teenager myself, i have witnessed many times when the *thought process* doesn't seem to quite make a complete loop. :P But then again----he has witnessed the same from time to time where his dear mother is concerned too i'm sure *grins*

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    I had to snicker. I'm sorry. It sounds like something I would've pulled when I was 15. I've got a few stories....

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    yeh butterfly am sure there are a few of us here who wish not to revisit our teenage days! hehe

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