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Thread: im really confused!!

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    Default im really confused!!

    hi my name is angela and i just starting writing a prisoner in from tennssee by the way.well anyways this is the first time i ever done this and felt a little odd about it but i fig hey they need mail and freinds someone they an talk too ,just because they mad a mistake doesnt mean they are inhuman or animals they need support and kind words i kinda look at it that way and why i even considered writting one.well this guy worte me back in about a week after i sent his first letter he was very nice tellin me about what he done like to be friends what a day was like there and so on and i told him a little about me not everything and why i worte him and wouldnt mind being his friend and someone he can trust in .so he sent me pics of him and his family and i sent him pics of me and mine just first name bases no last names and on my letters i sent i wrote a diff last name then mine cause i dont know him really and i dont trust him yet or even know if i could and gave him a po box address for me 2.which is all fine im sure alot of people do just for protection purposes like i said i never done this before.well as the letters were going back and forth he starts tellin me how much he likes me woud luv to date me wants to call me so forth and so on .well im freakin on this cause how does he know by just letters im sure alot of these inmates do this fall in luv easy cause they are alone and have no woman in there life so i just over looked it and thought hey this is the case and be cool be nice just stay his friend.well next thing i know he is sending me money i freaked why?i fig they would try that with u not this guy he sends me money all the time i havent cashed one check im afraid he said its gifts and birthdays presents for me and my kids why and how can he do that?how does a prisoner send money?should i cash them all or tear them up .i dont know he is a good guy very sweet and all but i dont want his money he needs it.he just keeps sending money tho when i tell him this im like thanks but u dont have to do this and why?he likes me that much and wants to helo me out .so i was wondering who else has gotten checks from inmates and how do they get to do that?where does the money come from?id apreciate all replys ty.

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    If I read correctly,you can't cash the checks!HE must have made them out to a fake name.I always get gifts and sometimes get money from my pal to pay for small things.HE is a fantastic artist and sells his work.If I were you ,I guess I would send it back.

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    wow Patz...that's great! Don't blame your pals tho, 'cause you're a pretty special woman, glad they see that! *smiles*

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