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Thread: inmate in love(supposedly)

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    I started writing this guy on here and from the beginning we really hit it off especiallly because we are both musically inclined. Anyways, to make it short he started saying stuff like."I've never wanted another woman more" and stuff to that effect but all of a sudden he stops writing and after writing like 5 letters to him asking what's up he says he is too busy because he plays in a band called Down Time and he is in the music room all the time. And then he makes a big deal about his other pals being attracted to him also and stuff. Maybe someone knows who I am talking about! It pissed me off cause I thought we were cool like that, that even though I'm in CA and he's in Ohio that we could be good friends but I get the impression that he's playing all his pals in that way. Maybe I'm just trippin' though. What does everyone else think.

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    hey..i don't blame you for wondering, not one bit. Nobody deserves to have things 'flaunted' in their face,'specially when it sounds like all was going pretty good. Hopefully you'll take some time and write a letter to him and ask him what's up. If you feel in your heart he's not able to offer the same type of friendship and respect as you, then perhaps it's time for you to move on but that's a decision only you can make of course. Wish you all the best.

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