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trying to find the right pen pal to write

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i have wrote a few pen pal only got two back one has stopped writing me at all i guess because i couldnt put money on his books and the other one i havent received any more letter in over a week but there could be a reason for that. its kinda seems like am either not finding the right pen pal to write or starting to think there something wrong with me


  1. Kirsten's Avatar
    There's a thread here where people talk about how to choose whom to write.
    Perhaps you want to join and participate:
  2. BobbyScott's Avatar
    Also there is a list of inmates who have been on here for awhile and are not receiving any mail. I would also suggest that you not let the bad experience get in the way. Remember all these people on here are not gonna be filled with sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes its gonna be sticks and thorns. Trust me I know about being lonely.. go to youtube and listen to Kingdom Muzic. It all belongs to you. Keep your head up. Nothing worth having is easy.
  3. Zarchery's Avatar
    The first guy is obviously a gold digger. Sadly, there are some of those out there. It's part of their "prison hustle" -- a scheme to make money in prison to make their time easier. The second one, that sounds fairly normal and I wouldn't worry about it.

    Just keep searching. Avoid any gay men in Kentucky (it's a popular scam there and most them are probably not gay). You can try shotgunning it... send a canned introductory letter to several inmates. Since you can write one letter and print it out multiple times it won't take long. Just cost you a little more in postage.
  4. bhh1020's Avatar
    To confirm and add to Zachery's comment. Kentucky is one of the worst for posting ads stating they are gay. It is a scam. During my research, one inmate advised me he only put the ad up to say he was gay because gay men are more likely to send money. They could be gay for the stay but they will never look to their future with you in it. Avoid them at all costs. If you ever do get scammed, it is against the law "Theft By Deception" and is a Felony offense. Proceed with caution!
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