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My penpal just called me and asked if i could purchase her a tv from another inmate who is being released. She saids i would need to send the other inmates mother the money western union. I know this has to be BS, but can someone please tell me i
has this ever happened before. Thanks in advance.


  1. PDS's Avatar
    No, I've never had that happen to me, nor have I ever heard of it happening to anyone else. I personally wouldn't do it because they generally have tv's in their dayrooms for everyone to watch. I've never heard of inmates being able to buy their own. You could always call the unit and ask them if it's even possible. I wouldn't do it regardless of anything actually.
  2. Metaxu's Avatar
    Bill, this is a scam. While there are some prisons where inmates can have their own tv's, under no circumstances are they ever allowed to purchase these items from one another. Inmates must ALWAYS purchase their goods from prison vendors. Period.
  3. bill15's Avatar
    Thank you for the help
  4. bill15's Avatar
    Well i called the prison and told me they could not tell me if a tv could be purchased through the prison. I told them the other story about sending a money order and they said that is not scamming
  5. Magician's Avatar
    Bill - my PP got in trouble early on for exactly that. Purchasing a TV from another inmate who was leaving. He was punished for it. It isn't allowed.

    I would also never send money to anyone else for a PP. If you are intending to send money then it can usually go directly to the PP in some form or other on their own account. I would think about how long you have been writing etc. too though and take these things into account when deciding to send money or not.
  6. bill15's Avatar
    Thank you Magician, i'm not going to send money at all i appreciate your help greatly
  7. Spriggs944's Avatar
    Pretty sure they usually have to have the receipt for the tv to say that they have purchased it themselves. That might vary depending on the Prison and State though.
    Tv’s are expensive too! I’ve been with my boyfriend 4 years and I’d never give him that amount of money and he wouldn’t ask for it either.
    If I were in yours shoes I’d be seeing major red flags and like Magician said, if you want to ever send your pen pal money then it really should only be directly to them.
    It’s not always necessarily that your pen pal is trying to scam you either. Some one else might be trying to extort them.
    Either way it’d be a really bad idea to send it!
  8. sjc's Avatar
    I don't understand how some of you don't understand this.

    The other inmate doesn't want to just give away her tv, but wants to sell it. In order to receive payment for it, Bill's friend must send money to the inmate's mom to pay for said tv. Bill's friend can't do that and so she is asking Bill to do it for her.

    I understand it, but it could also be a scam to get money.

    My pen pal had a fan he no longer needed because he was changing facilities. He donated it to the facility's church.

    I, personally, would not give money unless I had a good, trusting relationship with my friend.
  9. bill15's Avatar
    i can't trust her no doubt it's a scam. I'm glad i did not do it. I appreciate the help from everyone.
  10. Pisces_Lion's Avatar
    I know my man "bought" a TV from another inmate (when his TV broken), I don't know if the guy was released or not and where my man had the money for it ... sure it's NOT me sending money !?! But I know this "traffic" (even if maybe can be illegal) exist,don't forget these people are in prison ... I don't know your personal situation bill15 but don't allow this person using you as a bank account / credit card !?! This is NOT love and neither friendship ... I know some people, also penpals, sending money to their inmates - friends but I don't ... I struggle daily with my personal problems and I also want to be considered / loved for who I am and not because of my money ... Take very care of you and just little advice, walk away from her ...
  11. bill15's Avatar
    Pisces _ Lion we were writing and then talking on the phone things were great for awhile and then, boom, she asked for a tv from the prison. When i said no she brought up the other inmate. I went into becoming a penpal with my eyes wide open about may e something could happen but it is so refreshing when you and others responded to give me advice. I am very appreciative of all of you.
  12. Earthmother's Avatar
    You seem like a very sweet man...and this girl keeps trying to take advantage of that.
    Whether you have feelings for her or not, I'd advise you to please be kind to yourself and cease contact with her.

    Plus, sometimes inmates ask you to "buy" something on their behalf by sending the money to another inmate or inmates family member, when it's really to pay off some sort of debt incurred.
    Updated 12-07-2017 at 02:58 PM by Earthmother
  13. bill15's Avatar
    Earthmother, thank you for the compliment. I am and will cease contact with her. I thought i could see the good in a woman who deserves a 2nd chance. My fiance died of cancer in 2015 and saw the good in everyone, she was 52.
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