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I was just about to lay down when I heard a loud knock at the door. Who could that be at this time of night? I wasn't expecting anyone. ...was i?
I slipped my feet back into my house slippers and headed down stairs. at the front door, flipped the switch for the porch light but it did not turn on. flip. flip. nothing.
i looked out through the peep hole but could see nothing in the moonless night.
"Who is it?"
A shadow...
I could only see a thief in the dark.
His voice was deep and serious :" let me in!"
I don't really know what happened at that very moment. I should have closed the door and called the police. I should have screamed perhaps. Or ran away...
Instead I took three steps back to let him enter.
He locked the door behind him...
"do you know who i am?"
My dog Blue, who had been asleep on his rug, padded to my side. My trusty sidekick wanted to know the reason for this middle of the night disturbance. The stranger smelled slightly of wood smoke and raccoon, Blue noted, as his black nose worked overtime snuffling the strangers' overcoat. This human has been out in the woods...
"No...I didn't know who you are"... I opened my mouth but I couldn't get any words out.
The man extended his hand and Blue, my dog, my so cagey dog, rubbed his head on the stranger's hand and sat at his feet. I couldn't believe my eyes!
The man was smiling and, at this very moment, I recognized him.
It's not possible!
It can't be him !
It must be 10 whole years.......but where.....? How did...? Suddenly the sound of loud sobs interrupted my thoughts. Wails of despair, of 10 years heartache, 10 years of broken nights, of grief & the unknown. Inconsolable. The wails ringed & echoed in my ears, it was only then that I realised the sounds were coming from me. From somewhere deep inside, that the world had no access to for 10 years........
He took one step forward... My heart pound through my chest...
One more step... i feel dizzy...
another one... my strenghts leave me...
i fainted...

i remembered this "dark stranger." i am alive because of him. 10 years ago, the day i found Blue, he saved our lives. he gave everything to save us.
but i saw him die. He is supposed to be dead. no man could have survived that...

i began to awake.
His face is the first thing i see
urgently he speaks, "You are in danger again!"
My head is reeling with a thousand unanswered heart pounding so hard in my chest I feel he can hear it ever louder in the silence. The darkness begins to engulf me........Danger. Could only mean one thing......I stumble in the darkness to find Blue, a feint light arising through the window. My eyes fall upon the dark stranger that I owe my life - our lives to.

Our eyes lock. Disbelief.
Fear. Love. A myriad of emotions bubble to the surface & I fall in his embrace. For a second the memories of that day resurface with a vengeance, all come flooding back in a giant wave.

He pulls me away, holds my arms & repeats the words I try to block out.........
Blue sat back on his haunches and whine-growled, a low sound of worry wrapped in an oath to protect.

by Fanette, gooddog, DarkStar, 25929-039, and you?

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    thank you everyone for contributing. i think this is going great!
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