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    I wanted to send books to my penpal but when I called the prison they said I cant send any books. The inmates have to check them out from them. Why is this. I cant send anything but letters.

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    Some prisons allow you to send books, but only through approved vendors. Amazon, Barns And Noble. You'd have to ask their mail room which vendors are allowed. And then you order the book and have it sent from the vendor directly to your penpal. OH and a lot of places don't allow second hand books. And some don't even allow hard covers. I would call your penpal's facility ask to speak to the mail room, they can give you all the information an what you can and cannot send and inform you on whether or not they allow books from Approved vendors.
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    You didn't specify which state your PP was in. You can try to check online as well, a lot of states will have their requirements posted online.
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    check the prisons web site,or call them some will allow certain types of books. some only allow brand new from book store books.

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