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  1. Teacher's attorney wants proof of boy's age in teacher-student sex case
  2. New Jersey set to scrap death penalty
  3. Sex offender confesses to 9 cold case killings
  4. Boy, 17, charged as adult in killing of NFL's Taylor
  5. Panel Allows Easing of Crack Sentences
  6. Pig Farmer Convicted of Six Murders
  7. Rapist hid killing spree for decades
  8. Trucker gets 25 years for attacking girl
  9. DNA test clears man after 27 years
  10. 7 N.J. troopers suspended in sex case
  11. Pregnant attorney charged in kidnapping hoax
  12. http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/12/14/five.dead/index.html
  13. In Kenya President's wife slaps official
  14. killer remains in prison (thank-God)
  15. inmate may have plotted another escape
  16. Florida - Officer fired, charged with beating wife
  17. Female inmates win in court
  18. Kitchener woman gets 40 years in U.S. prison
  19. Strangler was psychotic
  20. Family In Ohio Sent This
  21. Police seek suspect in sex assault of girl, 13
  22. Deputy charged in wheelchair-dumping incident
  23. Resurgence Of Racists
  24. Linking to Original Story
  25. endangered missing child alert
  26. Woman Sat On Boyfriend's Toilet For Two Years
  27. "Gilligan's Island" Star Busted For Marijuana, Reckless Driving
  28. Honor student suspended for buying Skittles
  29. Deer urine in the A/C makes Tenn. students sick
  30. west memphis three
  31. another child's life worth nothing
  32. National Geographic viewing for European members
  33. Family Bids Farewell 28 Years After Teen's Death!
  34. Suffolk Man Charged With Trying To Have Sex With 14 Year Old Boy
  35. Missouri man convicted of killing 6 women
  36. Brazil Police: Teenager Confesses to Killing 12 People
  37. I couldnt believe this
  38. Murder Charge for Missing Girl's Neighbor
  39. Slayings rattle laid back Wisconsin campus
  40. Cops: Texas teen tried to flush newborn
  41. Cops: Toddler Beaten to Death With Video Game Controller
  42. death penalty
  43. Justice at last for the right crime.... perhaps???
  44. Oh god, this case!
  45. Hunt for more dungeons at 'House of Horror'
  46. Texas Compound
  47. Cops say boy, 8, took car for ride, caused crash
  48. NJ sex offenders charged for MySpace, Facebook use
  49. Woman's dead body lies in flat for 35 years
  50. Remaining cult members quit cave
  51. Global Peace Index Released
  52. Indictment Expected This Morning in Megan Meier Cyberbullying Case -- Updated
  53. Donkey jailed for assault and battery in Mexico
  54. Death sentence appeal centers on killer’s mental capacity
  55. Unmarked chopper patrols New York City from above
  56. Jury convicts man in rape-killing of Vt. student
  57. Ga. parole board commutes killer's death sentence
  58. Convicted US killer executed in Mississippi: prison official
  59. Jury convicts Atlanta cop of lying after raid
  60. Court sides with MySpace in suit over sex assault
  61. Ill fugitive headed back to Md. years after escape
  62. AZ DOC officer, 5 others busted for meth operation
  63. 2 Dead, 8 Wounded in Violent Night in Valley
  64. Police: Woman Tried To Check Pot At Airport
  65. this is too cute
  66. Wedding guests chase gunman who shot bride, groom
  67. Americans Snitch on Family, Friends, And Neighbors...FOR CASH
  68. Stop the dog and cat fur/meat trade "Petition"
  69. Father, Son Arrested in String of Sexual Assaults
  70. Mother Left Kids In Bathtub While Buying Beer
  71. Scott Peterson Heading to Trial Again
  72. Texas boy, 12, arrested in teen's stabbing death
  73. Molestation suspect in N.H. after Mexico arrest
  74. Confessed killer transferred to face Fla. charge
  75. Photos Of 6-Year-Old Holding Handgun Gets Felon Arrested
  76. Crews rescue naked man stuck in portable potty
  77. just some minutes of your time
  78. Feds charge S.C. trooper in taped car ramming
  79. NY Court rule small amounts of marijuana inside prison not felony
  80. Texas resumes executions after moratorium
  81. Texas justice of peace must stop paddling in court
  82. Ex-Black Panthers want freedom after decision
  83. utah town wants to ban bikini's
  84. Thieves Steal Videos Of Parents' Dead Son
  85. Five Girls Gone Just Like That
  86. R. Kelly Acquitted On All Counts
  87. Pair Charged in Death of Son Tied to Tree
  88. Singaporean armpit sniffer gets jail and cane
  89. Mom, Girlfriend Accused of Child Torture
  90. Not Guilty Plea in MySpace Suicide Case
  91. 'Person of Interest' Sought in Girls' Deaths
  92. Calif. police ID man they say fatally beat toddler
  93. Pair held in locking of 2 kids in their rooms
  94. Police taking steps to save gas
  95. Dilemma over Romanian girl's abortion plan
  96. Teen decapitated at theme park, police say
  97. Robber Is Armed ... With a Banana
  98. Joe Horn Cleared
  99. Police Chief on WANTED posters
  100. Man threw hedgehog and beared his rear
  101. pregnant man gives birth to baby girl
  102. pets in the news
  103. Judge: If it's a Pringle, it's not a potato chip
  104. Miniature dachshund gnaws off diabetic owner's toe
  105. Jail escape attempt ends in police chief's office
  106. Criticism over T.V reality being fiction
  107. High profile imbecile links UK knife crime to video games
  108. grannies on mobility scooters fight in supermarket
  109. Pope welcomes world youth pilgrims to Australia
  110. U.S. beer drinkers could toast Anheuser takeover
  111. stop killing innocent dogs
  112. Loveletter Jigsaw takes 15 years
  113. Child bride gets divorced after rape, beatings
  114. 'World's Greatest Dad' Arrested As Predator
  115. Unemployment Benefit Claims Soar (Britain)
  116. Two Convicted Of Christmas Murder
  117. mixed twins
  118. Woman accused of cutting out baby charged
  119. Alabama man still drawing murals at age 112
  120. Largest Animal Shelter in U.S. Will House 2 Dogs Trained to Have Sex With Women-yuck!
  121. Newborn Dies After Being Thrown From Window by Drunken Relative
  122. This is sick; people throng to perform mock execution
  123. chimp escape
  124. dwarves ins suitcases frighten Swedes
  125. Weird News lol
  126. Missing Tot's Mom Fights Family
  127. Son's Of Canoe Man" UK
  128. UPS Delivery !!!
  129. Louisiana asks court to reopen child rape case
  130. Monkey from Mars: A Ga. crime lab's museum oddity
  131. Arrest made in slaying of pregnant N.C. soldier
  132. Bush OKs Execution of Army Private
  133. Body found in airliner's restroom
  134. preacher killed wife, stuffed body in freezer, police say
  135. Mexican citizen asks high court to block execution
  136. serial killer culture
  137. This is cute: terrier swims for home
  138. Caylee Anthony is Missing
  139. go Henry, LOL
  140. Save the dolphins ~petition~
  141. Man takes grandma, 98, to Beijing Games, by bike!
  142. Man dies after cop hits him with Taser 9 times
  143. women who cloned dogs wanted in tennessee
  144. Runaway Identical Twins Missing in Malibu
  145. Heart Transplant Recipient May Have Plotted Murder
  146. Man banned from girlfriend's home after noisy sex
  147. Break all the chains!!!!!!
  148. Septuplets born in Egypt doing well
  149. Fugitive mom 'uncomfortable,' wants out of prison
  150. Officer's Internet Safety Talk Criticized After Sexual Comments
  151. 'World's Greatest Dad' sentenced for sex crime
  152. Police: Mom Told Daughter 'I Killed Your Daddy'
  153. Houston Dentist Potty Pix's
  154. 800 LB Women Under House Arrest
  155. Teen's hanging in jail fuels many questions
  156. Texas man convicted for role in child sex club
  157. Ex-FBI agent accused of murder, robbery
  158. Police Believe They Found Body of Accused Iowa Professor
  159. Woman accused of leaving animals to die(so sad)
  160. ohio mother put baby in microwave
  161. Katy Area Woman Jailed For Offering Children For Sex
  162. Man is slain by Inglewood police
  163. LApolice hunt serial killer of 11
  164. Pasadena police say mother armed teens to kill
  165. Judge in hospital; husband charged
  166. Ex-KKK man freed over 1964 deaths
  167. DR Congo frees goats from prison
  168. man beats on kangaroo
  169. Woman who had sex with 5 year old boy gets life
  170. Family at loss as to why
  171. 'All-out effort' for China babies
  172. peta asks Ben & jerry to use breast milk
  173. CULTS - Paul Schaefer
  174. Father Talks About Abandoning His 9 Kids
  175. Ex-boyfriend tossed dog from 3rd floor, St. Paul police say
  176. Two Men Fleeing Texas Deputies Fall Off Cliff
  177. Texas city gets first full-time K-9 unit
  178. Teens Accused Of Killing Mom Brought Back To Texas
  179. The 700 Billion Bailout
  180. Cindy McCain Shopuld she be in Prison ?
  181. Child's disappearance spawns charges in 2nd case
  182. Jury Reaches Verdict In Slain Student Trial
  183. Puerto Rico Boy Kills Himself with Mother's Police Gun
  184. Caylee's Mom Indicted For Murder
  185. Boy, 6, taken by men posing as police officers
  186. Woman: 'They wanted to destroy my body and spirit'
  187. Feds disrupt alleged plot targeting Obama
  188. Former Australian terror suspect evades prison
  189. South Korea court upholds 55-year jail-for-adultery law
  190. Man drives drunk to protest drunk driving charge
  191. Man allegedly puts centipedes in neighbor's bed
  192. South Korea court says only blind can be masseurs
  193. Aussie sues casino over gambling binge
  194. Sydney pub row erupts after faeces found in ice cream
  195. French court allows Sarkozy voodoo doll
  196. Ky. man, 82, accused of trading drugs for sex
  197. Mother and 2 sons.....
  198. TWO prisoners have scaled a fence to escape from Kempsey jail on the New South Wales
  199. A MASKED man pointed a gun at a teenager
  200. Lockerbie bomber applies for bail
  201. Indonesia executes 3 militants for Bali bombings
  202. Ariz. boy, 8, accused of killing 2, including dad
  203. Jury finds Atlanta courthouse gunman guilty
  204. Jury seeks death for man who killed couple at sea
  205. New videos prompt delay in child sex assault trial
  206. Jury begins deliberations in rape trial of Indian-born designer
  207. Idaho child-killer Duncan gets 6 life sentences
  208. Grand jury weighs sodomy claim against NYPD cops
  209. Immigration indictment issued in Nev. abduction
  210. Tragic Mistake in Halloween Shooting? Ex-Convict Claims He Thought Trick-Or-Treater W
  211. Mummified Woman's Brother Arrested
  212. US Student Faces Murder Trial in Italy
  213. Not Guilty Plea Entered in Smart Case
  214. a secret santa has donated christmastoys to kids in UK hospitals
  215. weird news:Pastor issues 7-day sex challenge
  216. Body of man, 55, found set on fire
  217. Beating death of 5-year-old boy among 'cold cases' reopened by San Bernardino police
  218. City threatens blind woman over unpaid 1-cent bill
  219. Texas grand Jury indicts Vice President Cheney and Gonzales
  220. McCain may face bumpy shift from White House run
  221. Boyfriend's trial opens in Canada triple slaying
  222. Alaska Sen. Stevens Loses Re-election Bid to Democratic Challenger
  223. Long Island youths charged in killing of immigrant
  224. Albino girl killed for body parts
  225. Alleged Car Thief Hit With Frozen Turkey
  226. Stop Canada's 2009 Commercial Seal Hunt
  227. Cops spend £30,000 on flip flops - so drunk girls can walk home safely!
  228. 43 Amsterdam coffee-shops to close
  229. Roomba-Riding Cat Becomes Web Hit
  230. Ugandan men warned of 'booby' trap
  231. Thanksgiving dinner stolen off woman's porch
  232. Man says God ordered him to ram vehicle
  233. Santa and three elves beaten up in Lapland
  234. Message in a bottle gets reply, at last
  235. All indictments quashed
  236. Man Accused of Christmas Tree Attack
  237. Cheney, Gonzales indictments dismissed
  238. California Police Dog Bites Innocent Woman
  239. Man sprays 'toilet-papering' teens with fox urine
  240. The cruelty of foie gras
  241. Classic holiday stories inspire during tough times
  242. Sleepwalking woman 'zzz-mails' friends
  243. aw, this is cute
  244. Dante is selling his soul... on ebay!
  245. Rubbish mayor scraps green crib
  246. Official: Iraqi shoe-thrower in custody; rallies enter 2nd day
  247. Boy, 4, breaks into Texas store, plays with toys
  248. 9 year old girl cited for selling drugs at school when she gives friends cough drops
  249. Authorities confirm remains are Caylee Anthony's
  250. Saudi judge refuses to annul marriage of girl, 8