Know an inmate being released within the year who's in need of a job? We are working with employers to help find inmates work before they're released. Post a free resume for them here! - ??at??µe??? F???? d?' ????????af?a? - ??at??µe??? F???? d?' ????????af?a? - ??a? d??t?a??? t?p?? p?? ß???? p?a?µat????? ??at??µe???? ?a ß???? p?a?µat????? f????? d?' a???????af?a?. ??a? p??t?fa??? a???µ?? µ??a????? a?d??? ?a? ???a???? ??at??µe??? st??f??ta? s' eµ?? ape???sµ??a ??a ?a ß???? t? f???a ??? ap? t??? t?????? t?? f??a???. ?? ?????p?? p?? ?a s??a?t?sete se t??t?? t?? d??t?a?? t?p? p???????? ?at? p??? ap? ???e ?p??? - ?????a, t?p? "?at????a?", a??? ??????, ?????? ??a t??? ?p????? ß?????a? st? f??a??. Ost?s?, ????? ???? t??? ??a ????? s?µe??: t?? af???t? µ??a??? ?a? t?? aß?sta?t? ?? ?d????? ep???µ?a ??a f???a.

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