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Book Drive for Prisoners

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URL: has announced that it has established an ongoing online book drive for inmates. The owner of the company, Adam Lovell said that the idea was sparked by a phone call from an editor at O, The Oprah Magazine. The editor contacted Lovell seeking his expertise on prison issues and asked which Books Behind Bars program was the best. Lovell reported that there was no "best" and that there really was no best resource list available either. "This is why we started our Books Behind Bars program," Lovell said. "It’s a place for prison teachers, prison libraries and human rights groups to come together and reach out to the public for aid. It will help with putting together classes and in stocking some of the more scanty prison library shelves out there." O, The Oprah Magazine endorsed the program in its July 2006 issue.

Lovell said that the site is in the process of contacting all fifty departments of correction in the U.S. and inviting them to participate, citing that prison libraries are the most likely source for such a need, although prison chaplains often report a need for bibles or other religious materials as well. Lovell said that the invitation to participate is extended to any government or private organization that serves inmates. "We believe this is another step – and a big one – toward further reducing recidivism, this time through education."

Since establishing the new program, Lovell said that his company has already heard from various universities and high schools that were interested in donating large sums of text books. "We’re going to have to play matchmaker for a while, but I believe this thing will take on a life of its own," said Lovell. "It would be great if other businesses got involved, particularly to serve as ‘book drop’ locations," Lovell suggested.  He believes that the unusual nature of his web site is a draw for the media and will garner attention for this worthy cause.

"Because we tend to offer a more unusual story than most human rights groups out there, we thought we’d channel this traffic into some new programs which can help better educate and reduce our prison population," Lovell said. "We are pleased with the progress of our free online résumé service for inmates about to be released, and now this books program is catching on." Lovell cites the direct correlation between lack of education and incarceration as further motivation to nurture this program. "It seems there are a lot of people and organizations out there trying to help, but no real central base for it. We want to be that catalyst, so we are asking members of the public to visit our Books Behind Bars program ( and consider donating books to prisons before throwing them away."  


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