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Regarding Missouri Attorney General Nixon's Comments on, Inc.

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Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon recently announced that his state would seek to seize the funds of female inmates who collected money by placing personal and legal ads on websites like Charges were filed against thirty-three women, including thirteen whose ads appeared on

The website's owner, Adam Lovell stated that there is no apparent legal recourse for these female inmates. "The state does have the right to collect these funds if it so chooses." Lovell says that there has been a backlash to his service because some Missouri inmates, fearing legal consequences, are pulling ads off of the site. "We received a letter Monday morning from a female inmate in Missouri who recently submitted her ad asking that the ad not be placed at all, citing fears of legal consequences." Lovell said.  "We pulled the ad, but we also reminded her that she does not have to solicit donations.  The majority of our members - over 90% - do not seek donations of any type."

While the state's position on this matter has had a chilling effect on some inmates who utilize the service, the media attention has brought in many new pen pals from Missouri. Lovell said that in light of these recent charges against some of the site's members, he will encourage any monetary donations to legal funds be sent directly to the inmates' attorneys to avoid having the money seized by the state.  "The public has a right to donate money as they see fit.  If someone wishes to help an inmate seeking legal counsel, the best way to handle it is to have the money sent directly to the attorneys."

Lovell also commented that the amount of money (nearly $300,000) collected by these thirty-three women is staggering. "If any of this money was collected under false pretenses, then this needs to be thoroughly investigated. It seems to be an unusually large sum, and I'm waiting to see if this is perhaps lopsided to just a few of the women named in the charges.  Also, the investigation has not yet confirmed that all of the funds were raised through pen pal solicitation.", unlike other sites, lists numerous precautions on mail fraud and even provides a link on every inmate's webpage to report fraudulent activity. In addition, a link for reporting illegal activity to the Postmaster is also provided on  "Our aim always has been to restore dignity and reduce recidivism through letter writing.  Anyone who jeopardizes our integrity by misusing our service makes it hard for those who are simply seeking friendship.  We fully support the state of Missouri in their investigation."


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