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Imprisoned by Texas Injustice: An Innocent Man Behind Bars Who Is Seeking Legal Assistance and Moral Support… 

I was 17 years old when I was illegally abducted by a fallible, overzealous Texas (Harris County) judicial system that was aggressively cracking down on gang violence in the mid-1990's. I have since spent the equivalent past 17 years of my life behind bars for a crime (Attempted Capital Murder) I did not commit. From the day of my unexpected arrest, through the attractive plea bargain deals presented by the District Attorney, during my trial, throughout the course of my prison journey and until now, I have maintained my complete and unequivocal innocence.  These facts can be verified by checking statements, police reports, trial transcripts, or recent affidavits: There is no physical evidence in my case. No DNA. No fingerprints. No weapon. --In all of the original victim's and witnesses' statements -- even on the 911 tape -- it was stated repeatedly by everyone, the African American victims and the Caucasian bystander witnesses, that 3 Black males were, in fact, the shooters and suspects. Because I am half Persian and half Caucasian, the complexion of my skin is a white, olive tone.

I was implicated into the investigation when a 14-year old suspect, my co-defendant, was manipulated into signing a statement without a guardian or attorney present, a statement that was pre-typed by the detectives and was then presented to him under the guise that it was his release form. My co-defendant’s false, illegally obtained statement became an investigative snowball that morphed out of control, linking me to a crime I -we- had nothing to do with, and his statement would forever change the course of my life. My co-defendant has recently written an affidavit on behalf of our other co-defendant, and myself.

The other co-defendant encountered one of the actual shooters involved in the crime we were wrongly convicted for in one of the Texas prison units. The said actual shooter and ringleader even wrote an affidavit on behalf of the third co-defendant, since he was misidentified by the victims for the role in the crime committed.

To learn more of the details and facts about my case, please, write to me for more information and for a copy of the more in-depth, summarized story I have written about my wrongful conviction and incarceration. Although the failure of the system and the failure I have encountered in trying to prove my innocence has left me discouraged and with little hope that I'll ever receive true justice, I know with the right team of diligent people working on my case, digging through the detailed facts and doing the necessary door-to-door footwork to question witnesses/victims, the truth, I know, will inevitably come out. All I'm asking you is to please give me a chance and at least look into my case. I assure you, when you're done, you will discover I am a victim of illegal detective work, erroneous eyewitness identification, and I was at a huge disadvantage with a rookie court-appointed attorney who represented me in his first capital caliber case.

I know my angel of justice is out there; I need your help, so, please, contact me soon. I'm at war, and I'm fighting with all I have inside of me the best I can, but my mobility and resources are severely limited, so I'm calling on allies of justice to fight with me until my exoneration--victory--is achieved. Thank you for reading the concise version of my story. Justice! Freedom! Here I stand, I can do no other. 

Fighting for my life and legacy,

Shawn Ali Bahrami

Character Traits:
Integrity – Passion – Understanding – Loyal – Determined – Creative – Resilient – Driven – Romantic

Personal Interests:
Giving creative birth by writing my own songs (R&B and Rap)
Rehearsing and performing my lyrical creations
Crafting my custom ShawnAli leather goods
Drawing/Airbrushing colorful, surreal scenes
Any type of writing (the more creative, the better)

Reading true stories/bios/self-help
The Voice/ American Idol/ The Black List/ Football
Working out/ Exercising/ Plenty of push ups
Memorizing inspiring quotes
Looking at “Portraits of Freedom”
Gazing at sunsets while I dream with my eyes open

Favorite Books:
The Alchemist, by Paulo Coehlo
A Long Walk to Freedom, by Nelson Mandela
Think & Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill
The Rubin “Hurricane” Carter Story
The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Rbown
The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne
Beach Road, by James Patterson
Steve Jobs, by Walter Issacson

Education Achieved in Prison:
B.S. In Behavioral Science (U of H at Clear Lake)
A.S. In Business Administration (Lee College)
Geographical Info. Systems Apprenticeship Course, 2 years
Data Processing Computer Trade (Lee College)

Song/Music writer and performer
Motivational speaking
Bring my many books ideas to life
Forming ShawnAli clothing and leather designer purse lign
Other entrepreneurial ventures
Community/Prison outreach
Establishing an Innocence Foundation
Traveling the world
To live a purpose-driven life that gives back to others

P.S. Please see Shawns' legal website,

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Shawn Ali Bahrami #747451
Eastham Unit
2665 Prison Rd #1
Lovelady, TX 75851 USA

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Information about Shawn Ali and Criminal Case
Crime/charges being challenged: Attempted Capital Murder City and state where the alledged crime occurred: N/A, N/A
Crime state or federal: State Able to provide complete copies of your case by postal mail: Yes
Prison conduct while incarcerated: N/A Type of legal counsel for original trial: Public Defender
Seeking help with legal research: Yes Lead arresting agency for your case: Harris County
Correspond Overseas: Yes Race: Multi-racial
Date of Birth: 5/25/1977 - 41 Sex: Male
Seeking Donations: Yes HomeTown: Houston, TX
Profile Started On: 2/1/2013 Profile Ends On: 11/1/2016
Incarceration Information
Earliest Release Date:06/03/2016On Death Row:NoServing Life Sentence:No
Latest Release Date:2035Incarcerated Since:1995Incarcerated For:See Crime

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