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To Whom It May Concern,

I am an innocent man wrongfully serving a 45 year term for the murder of my live in girlfriend, J..  I did not kill her!  I plead “NOT GUILTY” and I stand by my innocence.

I was tried in Brownsville, Texas in late April and early May of 2008.  The original Cameron County Trial case number is 07-CR-187-A.  The State of Texas vs. Eric Allen Gerland.

There are many discoveries and errors in the case that my lawyer was not aware of and unfortunately did not present for litigation or preserve as errors to be used during my Direct Appeal.  This particularly includes the absolute and unquestionable need for expert witnesses.  Expert testimony was imperative to the core of my Defense.

I had advanced Attorney F.K. $4,000.00 for any investigations needed to provide the expert testimonies required for complete clarity in the cause.
Obviously my Lawyer did not develop any defense strategy during the 18 month period prior to my trial (CCP 17.151).  I was remotely held in the County Jail while Counsel visited with me very briefly on three separate occasions.  There is no definitive indication of my lawyer doing any independent comprehensive Pretrial Investigation!

There was documented evidence that (1) my girlfriend J. was an epileptic, (2) a chronic alcoholic, (3) who abused her epileptic mediation Valproic Acid (Depakote), and antidepressants, (4) J. suffered from Grand Mal Seizures, (5) was accident prone and bruised very easily, (6) had a physically weak constitution with frequent dizzy spells and periodic lapses into unconsciousness. Twice before, during our short relationship, J. had fallen and needed medical attention, which included emergency surgery and long term aftercare!

The incident that I am charged with was one of those instances where J. apparently passed out.  I was on the couch asleep and woke up to find her unconscious on the kitchen floor with the dog’s water bowl wedged at the base of her head, between her neck and skull.  I immediately supposed that it was from inebriation.  J. frequently overindulged with alcohol, drinking strait from the bottle during many of her binges.  There was a ½ gallon vodka bottle on the kitchen countertop and her blood alcohol level later measured was indeed 0.290!

When J. was taken to Valley Baptist Hospital in Harligen, Texas, she was alive and underwent surgery.  A C.T. scan revealed what was thought to be one massive blood clot on her brain.  The Surgeon, however, discovered two subdural Hematomas.  Doctor E.S. described one as 10 days old and the other he verified as 12 to 24 hours old.

The ineptness of the LVN provided J. with pitifully poor care.  After the LVN documented her implementation of unauthorized procedures and noticed traumatic responses bodily, she called or paged the on call physician four times for service.  The undeniable abandonment by Doctor Sy for 3 hours and inattention to detail by the LVN caused J. to die.

Again, I am not an imposter.  I need help.  I did not attack, beat or kill my girlfriend!  I am an innocent man in prison for something I did NOT do… In fact, for something they only theorized. Doomed to life of grief and oppression for something that did not happen.

I will eagerly respond to any inquires or offers to further investigate my situation and assist me in the quest for Truth, Justice and Freedom.


Eric Gerland

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Eric Gerland #1508344
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