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Raul Munoz - 132627
Limon CF (1-A-211)
49030 State Hwy 71
Limon, CO 80826 USA
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Educational Profile General Information:
Highest level of education: GED

Immediate educational goals: AA Degree

Presently working on: Business Management

Two most recent educational accomplishments: GED, College Enrollment
Education Tips:
1) Write to Raul, and let him know that you're willing to help him pursue an education. Ask him to write to us directly, so we can take his Educational Profile down to make room for other inmates.

2) Determine Raul's educational interests, and locate appropriate resources (correspondence courses, scholarship applications, etc.).

3) Print and mail resources directly to Raul. Be sure resources (books, pamphlets, etc.) are on Raul's approved mailing list.

4) Encourage Raul with words of support, questions about progress, and suggestions for continued areas of study.

5) Visit our Inmate Reentry and Education Forum for more information.

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