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Zakary's Poems

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As human beings, we have certain obligations:
To be kind to one another,
To be kind to our environment,
To be kind to ourselves.
Many see this as futile
Unless tied to some religious element.
Isn't the simple fact that it's in our collective best interest to do so, enough?
If someone you know is on a bad path;
Instead of bringing them down,
Bring them up.
It may require more effort,
But not only will you be a better person for doing so,
The world will be a better place, too.
If there's trash on the ground:
Pick it up!
Don't look at it and think it's not you problem.
It is!
Our environment is a reflection of ourselves.
If someone litters, call them out on it.
Always remember to be kind when doing so.
If you come off aggressive, it invites confrontation.
Please, I implore you!
Be kind to others!
Be kind to your environment!
Be kind to yourselves!


Zakary Giannetti S-12649
Pinckneyville, IL

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