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Hello world,
First and foremost, don’t look at me as a bad guy due to the situation I’m in because that’s not the case.  I have no regrets whatsoever; I just made some bad choices in life.

I’m a smooth, laidback type of guy with a hell of a sense of humor that love’s to have fun.  I enjoy traveling, shopping, playing sports, and doing whatever it takes to have a good time.  I could go on and on about myself, but I’ll save the rest for once we start to communicate.

I’m looking for a friend that can keep me in tune with the outside world because being in here is like we’re on another planet.  I’m willing to talk about anything, including the reason why I’m in jail.  So, if you’re open minded, and interested in making a new friend, grab a pen and paper, write down how you’re feeling, and you never know, I might be feeling the same and we can elaborate about it.

Till then, take care, stay focused, strong, positive, prayerful, and most of all, GOD BLESS.


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Location: Canton, IL Age: 41 Orientation: Straight
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