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Brian Harrington is a 25 year old young man currently serving a 25 year sentence. He was 14 years old at the time of the incident. Originally facing Manslaughter charges in juvenile court, his public defender misinformed him on those charges and plead not guilty. This allowed for the court to transfer him and try him in adult court. This is only one of many problems that took place at the time of the court proceedings. Due to the conviction he received, Brian is required to serve 100% of his 25 year sentence under Illinois Truth in Sentencing provisions. Brian has served 10 years thus far with 15 years left.

Brian is very talented in many ways and extremely intelligent. He is an artist and a writer to name a few talents. For his time he has done so far Brian has been an outstanding inmate.  He is looking for relief from such a harsh sentence that was placed on him as a child.

Currently Brian and a group of artists are working on a project called the King Moosa Project; the goal is to bring awareness to him and his case through art, as well as informing people about juvenile justice and juvenile sentencing. A petition for Brian is currently circulating to help him with clemency. Please visit us on Facebook at King Moosa Project, Harrington and Instagram @kingmoosaproject.

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Location: Dixon, IL Age: 26 Orientation: N/A
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