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Regalardo's Poems

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Through These Eyez By Regalardo Smith

I see more in a woman than a three letter word and the sway that accompanies her curves.

I see the strength and magnitude of her being truly the attributes for which only the creator could have envisioned and given.

I see in her the contradiction as they say beauty has no definition.

I see and acknowledge her imperfections but cherish them as they only help her reflect perfection.

I see she comes in pieces and complicated at times but understand to learn her is a blessing and lesson that was given to mankind.

I see her as extraordinary for being a vessel to life and being able to bless this world with a beacon of light.

I see to love her would mean putting her on a pedestal beside my mother but giving her the loving, attention and respect that can’t be given to another.

I see with women, God has broken the mold leaving men to seek their mate to the soul.

I see all women as divine but looking for that one to call mine, asking God to help me find, showing you through these eyes of mine, I’m not blind.

Regalardo Smith M41000
Menard, IL

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