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Robert's Poems

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“Angel & the Devil”

Here’s a dream about an angel, an angel that fell from the sky,
Away from harm’s into my arms, an angel with crystal clear eyez…

I could hardly believe my luck, an angel with beauty unknown, I
Touched her heart, mine fell apart and wondered who left here alone…

An angel as precious at this, so fragile with innocence, a tale to
Tell my hearts for sale surely I’m drowned in bliss…

I look to the sky and thanked the stars in the sky of love, an Angel’s
Face my pain shall erase.  My gift from the God above.

Surely he made a mistake, I’m not worthy of beauty like this.
A man all men condemn for sin perhaps I should steal a kiss…

An offer that does not come by often at least not for
Someone like me, should she open her eye’z it would be no
Disguise the devil is what she would see…

To her lips I feel a pull, then her eye’z they flicker to
life.  My heart is skips, I brush her lips I wish she was my wife…

But these are just dreams in my head to precious for me to
Know, her eye’z are wide, my heart’s alive.  To her I’m the
Devil below.

Gently I sit her down with nothing short of ease, she grasped
My hand and asked me than, follow me to your knees…
She tells me my ways are wrong and my heart is clouded by pain, a life
I’ll miss without her kiss, cause I am the one to blame…
She sees my pain and sorrow, then cleans my heart so pure, her love is tough.
Yet it’s enough, this Angel in my core…

Robert Stayer F40929
Susanville, CA

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