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Lavar R.'s Poems

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So Many Lies!!!

My entire life I’ve been (lied) to and I don’t anticipate anytime soon I’ll be told the truth…(Who can I trust) when my family is collaborating with the adversary for my demise…(So Many Lies!!!). Prison has morphed me into a cynic…Who can I trust when the Majority of clergy, uniform of law/politicians are hypocrites…It’s a fact that white collar crimes/fraud is their specialty…Silent weapons they’ll use if you know too much :(.

(So Many Lies)

“9” out “10” convicts in here utilize friendly extortion to fill their lockers…I Stand By Myself because everyone is out for self…It’s no sincerity behind these gates/walls of misery…(So Many Lies), for the love of currency those whom you grew up with slay you! Kane killed Abel because of jealousy :( it’s sad but the majority of the time it is someone close that’s forming coalitions to destroy your worth…We once called each other cousins but They was really my adversaries envious of me since we were in grade school…As a Spiritualist, I view (most) like “CHRIST” depicted the Pharisees out only for public status to be seen by man…(I) do it because it’s (The Universe) plan for me to cultivate the minds of (the lost) not to win any awards or satisfy tax codes/write offs…Let’s stop the lies and UNITE and help the children in poverty…..


Lavar R. Powell
~7-17-17~ Today’s date

P.S. “17” (Seventeen years ago) I supplicated to The Universe to Remove my Enemies from my life and before you know it, I Started Losing Family and Friends…

Lavar R. Powell 09-A-5936
Beacon, NY

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