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Trent's Poems

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“Ode To The Ex”

So I’m out with some friends, when I see you again
But you’re not by yourself, you’re with someone else
A cowboy hat and a white “V” tee, but I don’t like the way he looked at me
It might be the whiskey, it might be the beer, it might be his ass if he comes over here.
He follows you as you walk through the crowd, when you spot me and you kiss him real real loud.
Wrong move girl, why you asked? Because I’m still hung up on our past
And he don’t look like that much to me, he needs some schoolin’ and this lesson’s free.
She talks tough, but I sense his fear, he puffs his chest as I come near
Don’t you know you broke my heart? Don’t you know my world fell apart?
I won’t hit you, but I will hit him, after all, we are two grown men
And you know it’s the Redneck way, you break the heart, he has to pay
His eyes grow big, he doesn’t want no smoke, he reads my face that this aint no joke.
We square off, she moves away, sorry fella but this aint your day
He throws left, I throw right, his just missed, mine said “Goodnight”
At that point I am feeling pretty good, and I tip my hat like a cowboy should
I step back, I look at him, I turn to her and give her a grin
She gives me the finger, she says something bad, damn that little girl sure makes me mad.
I walk away and grab a beer, shrug off the raps and the empty cheer
I think about it as I listen to Merle, I won that fight…but he got the girl.

Trent Gardner 759967
Muskegon, MI

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