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Derek's Poems

View original inmate poetry featured on Vote for the poetry you like, and visit the inmate's profile. Poetry provides a means for expression and communication. Many people choose to develop their creative skills while incarcerated. This section allows you to read original poetry written by inmates.


The greatest joy…giving
The greatest shot in the arm…encouragement
The greatest attire…a smile
The greatest gift taken for granted…tomorrow
The greatest acquaintance made…a soul mate
The greatest creation…mankind
The greatest personal characteristic…honesty
The greatest natural resource…our youth
The greatest and brightest future…our children
The greatest aspiration to be without…hope
The greatest of all vices…greed
The greatest destroyer of weakness…pain
The greatest of insecurities…doubt
The most crippling failure disease…fear
The most worthless emotion…self pity
The most ugliest personality trait…selfishness
The most dangerous pariah…the tongue
The greatest threat to relationships…a gossiper
The greatest channel of communication…prayer
The greatest emotion…love
The world’s greatest computer…the brain
The greatest goal to hold onto…your dreams
The greatest window of opportunity…God
The most effective sleeping pill…peace of mind
The most power filled words…I can
The strongest building block…trust
The most positive energy…believing
The highest level of achievement…happiness
The most potent drug…enthusiasm
The foundation of humanity…equality

“The joy of companionship is not the outstretched hand or the kindly smile, nor is it the physical gratification, it is the inspiration that comes to one knowing that somebody else believes in him and trusts him”.

Derek Mitchell 308448
Angie, LA

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