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Anthony's Poems

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Queen of the Universe
Once upon a time
not so far away,
Reigned the Kingdom of love
gloriously every day.

The King, sitting on his throne
was moved by all he seen,
And to his right sat
The Universe’s Royal Queen.

Out of all the riches
The King had in store,
none were so precious
as the Queen’s splendor.

All the Queen desired
was at her request,
The King held nothing back
but gave his very best.

The love she had for the King
appeared to be so divine,
His heart felt safe in her grip
Surely, to stand the test of time.

But, the storm came in
and she lost her grip,
the King’s trusting heart
slips through her fingertips.

She lost her divine vision
and abandoned her throne,
Now the King sits in the dark
all alone.

The King has spread word
all through the land,
He’s looking for a Queen
to sit at his right hand.

Is there a woman in the land
who desires pampered royalty,
that will treat the King’s heart
with honor and loyalty?

The King will soon return
seeking a reply to his plea,
“Queen of the Universe”
for all eternity.

Anthony Cornelius

Anthony Cornelius 1777576
Tennessee Colony, TX

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