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Dinzal's Poems

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Define Me

When you look at me
And witness my personality,
Tell me,
What do you see?
And please,
Don’t be cliché or superficial;
Try to paint a detailed, fuller picture.
Assign characteristics, but then tell my why.
And if you can go deep, tell me why to that why,
As you try to undress my mind
To get a deeper understanding of the “me” in front of the “I”.
There’s no need to be shy.
And don’t think you have to be nice.
Just speak your mind about me without telling-
   Reassuring lies.
Because in me
And that’s all I can be.
And I’m curious about your curiosities
Towards our inner compatibilities.
Take your time,
As I have nothing but time.
Look into my eyes,
And just define…

Dinzal Weathers 01570886
Huntsville, TX

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