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Dexter's Poems

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A Bugati for Your Thoughts


A bugati for your thoughts, what’s a penny
When you're with me
I'm a different type of boss, the world, you
Can run it with me
You’re a Queen in the presence of a King
You can have my heart love, you don’t need
A ring
Now you’re flier than a hawk, dove, eagle,
Tell me everything about you, no need for
Being bashful
Indulge in the fact this is a high worth
I know you’ve heard it all before, but you’ve
Never heard it from Banga
Let me ask…what’s love when it comes with
Never mind the physical, fall in love with my
Stand in love for premonition. Hand in glove
Is how you fit me
Loyalty is the ticket, let’s not ever get that
A wraith for your smile…an aventador
For your giggles
Avienne for your touch & Versace for
Your wiggle
A mansion for your frame a g-6 for your
But read between the lines, I cannot buy what
I am into
A goddess to admire from here body to have
A priceless connection, I consider those
….One life with infinite directions
Need a friend I can trust when everything
Seems hectic
Oppressed with confinement, but you may
Still find me
Ten toes down, chest out, still climbing
& one day you & I shall take a walk
Hand in hand while Dax Bang gives a
Bugati for your thoughts…

Dexter Platt 01253049
Beaumont, TX

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