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View original inmate poetry featured on Vote for the poetry you like, and visit the inmate's profile. Poetry provides a means for expression and communication. Many people choose to develop their creative skills while incarcerated. This section allows you to read original poetry written by inmates.

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On a Sunday morning similar to today. I cried for the first time.
In a way words could never begin to explain.
Because I realized I knew more of you that day than I began with.
Watching you as the tears started to escape your eyes.
Putting my lips to your tears while holding your head within my palms.
Kissing you, because you needed me to.
Tasting your essence on my tongue, finding my life within you.

Snuggling your face to my own.
The warmth of your tears making love with mine.
My heart telling me to shield you from the world.
So if only in this moment with me; you could be yourself.

Not an image in another’s eyes.
Not a mother. Not a daughter. Not a sister or a friend.
You were simply a woman who has fears as much as dreams.
And was tired of fighting to be everyone for everyone.

With me you could be yourself.
Allow me to be your strength and not your judge.
Your warmth and tomorrow.

So you can live without mascara.
Show me what’s really within your heart through your eyes.
Your ambitions, dreams, weakness, depth, love, fears, and meaning.
Everything that is you and nothing.

And I’d love you for who I saw. Kissing you.
Promising with my lips to always be your truth.
And never a diamond.
Beautiful on the outside with nothing beneath my surface to offer you.

See I’ve readdin a thousand books on love;
And still knew less than I began with.
But I was wrapped in your kiss where time never touched us.
Seeing you with my heart; sculpted in timeless perfection.
And I knew that nothing of what the world saw was really you from their angle.

Because seeing is not always understanding.
Where we sacrifice truth in the perception of fragile eyes.
We see what should be from what we want.
Forgetting that even angels fall from heaven. But are no less beautiful.

But in my eyes you were more.
Because in seeing beyond what only I wanted from you.
I saw you and no one else.
A soul lost in chains, that asked for freedom only you could give yourself.
With a question of who you are.

And I knew then the start to loving someone
Seeing you in a way no one else may.
Because you trusted me to; never lose faith in who I saw.
When you couldn’t see yourself
And know your truth if only for a moment.

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Brandon  Caples 0654842
Lillington NC


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325 Results | Viewing Results 14- 14 | Viewing Page 14 of 325
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