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Inmate Blog Entry: Thursday, October 12 2017

Inmate Blog Category: Life

Ian Valencia's Profile
Age: 26
Location: Ina, IL
Total Blog Entries: 1

“CHECK MY PULSE” ~~ Throughout these trials and tribulations I’ve had a lot of hard lows, but as I sit back and examine my difficulties I can’t help but think how soft my highs are going to be once I’m free. The road I’m taking is unorthodox, but the fires I’m passing through are making me a uniquely strong individual. I can’t wait to get out and be THIS person, the ‘me’ that should have taken precedence in my life from the beginning. The waiting is hard- especially doing it alone- but that light at the end of the tunnel keeps me motivated. Many people look at me and see a ‘criminal’, there’s so much more to me though. I’ve seen plenty of good in my life, but it’s the bad that’s made me a better person, if that’s comprehensible. How can you truly enjoy the people in your life or all the little things if you’ve never experienced what it’s like to be alone or have nothing at all? Of course, many people understand ‘good things’ without experience the negatives of life, but the feeling of having lost and given up hope of ever feeling that ‘goodness’ again- and then finding it…It’s just not the same as always having had these things. Am I making sense? I’ve lost and missed out on a lot of chances due to choices I made as a kid- love, friends, family, overall experience of being out in society and living…Time won’t allow me to get those things back and will make it difficult when I get out in ways, but I look forward to THOSE challenges- that’s what life’s about. In here the challenge is learning the patience to ‘stay alive’ because the reality is we’re slowly dying in here and we’re already forgotten by many in the world. A lot of people just accept that state of being- not me. I plan on being happy; making others happy, and enjoying the rest of the years I have left living without regrets. ~~ I’m still here World! Alive and Kicking…

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