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Inmate Blog Entry: Monday, May 2 2016

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Nicholas Sena's Profile
Age: 34
Location: Delano, CA
Total Blog Entries: 1

In 2003 an impressionable, lost and misguided young kid was arrested in Los Angeles for murder. I’d never been a bad person, just made bad choices that in my warped mind state felt cool or somehow “right”. It didn’t take me long to realize that the path I was on wasn’t who and what I am as a human being. In 2006 I decided to dedicate my life to my passion for the martial arts sciences. Soon I’d codified my own system of combatives I coined “Muay Sena” and wrote lengthy treatises on the martial arts. Even under the crushing weight of a 94 year sentence I lived each day with hope, positivity and determination and pursued my goals relentlessly. At times the psychological pressure of facing forever in a concrete box with no hope of freedom made it difficult to remain upright, let alone push forwards, yet I always rose and remained true to my potentials, talents, intelligence and goodness of heart. My journey has seen many people come and go, often taking a small part of me with them, however even 7 years of solitary confinement was unable to steal my essence, my tumultuous and singular life has forged me in its crucible to a man of indomitable resolve, determination, wisdom and strength as well as compassion. The child who was confined in a cocoon of gangsterism and prison has shed those ignorant and restricting silks and emerges a man with wings of steel and a will to soar beyond my past mistakes. While some will prejudge and shun me for a past I can’t change and base their opinions and perceptions of me not on who I am but rather where I am, I am inspired by those who possess the wisdom and understanding to appreciate how hard I’ve worked and how far I’ve come to be the man I am today. Today the top grand masters of both Muay Thai Boran and Gracie Jiu Jitsu embrace me, are like fathers to me. This support reinforces my determination to realize my dreams of greatness. After living for 12 years with almost no hope for freedom other than appeal, a law has passed that guarantees I will be set free as soon as next year! My life has remained structured around growth and self-development with training of body and mind keeping me on my righteous path. By: Kru Nick Sena

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