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Inmate Blog Entry: Wednesday, August 24 2016

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Jaimel Woods's Profile
Age: 38
Location: Iowa Park, TX
Total Blog Entries: 1

I lay here in this dark secluded cell and just stare at the walls, it seems as if I was trapped between time and space. A place people don’t know existed, the only thoughts you are able to hold in your head are the same patterns repeated again and again. This is a world where loved ones drop off like rain and friends disappear like morning dew in the sunshine. The air is sale, but I learn to cope. I learned to accept the inevitable, that’s what I had to do. I learn to embrace my struggles, difficulties, and frustrations. So I continue to dream. Recalling the day’s I once had friends, I learned friendship doesn’t walk away, people do…a friend is what I yearn for, my focal point, praying for true friendship. Just being able to express myself to a true friend, that awakens my memory in a pleasantness of what used to be. As days turn into months and months into years, it’s a amazing that I still hang on to the day of walking out of this place, the air is thick with mold and mildew, heavy with perspiration, and too much maleness all around, then you really realize why God created woman. Women is what makes man chemically balanced, “not” being able to communicate with a woman is not what God intended for a man. Women is God’s most precious and beautiful gift to man and to this world. Prison is designed to rob you of all you possess. All you have is your clothes on your back, a face towel and every day wishing for a precious letter from a friend to hold onto. So, I “refuse” to give the satisfaction of seeing me down and empty, void of any life, vitality, or dreams just waiting on the day to leave prison behind…. Friendship and a simple letter from a friend is worth a trillion dollars in prison. I am an individual that cherishes friendship, because I understand what it truly means. I’m hoping we will always be friends, write me soon.

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