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Inmate Blog Entry: Wednesday, November 1 2017

Inmate Blog Category: Life

Islam Gonzales's Profile
Age: 29
Location: Snyder, TX
Total Blog Entries: 1

The universe always finds a way to put us in the place we need to be, mentally or physically. Being incarcerated I have no control over where I live, who my celly is, or what time I eat, etc. How things tend to happen, was it a coincidence? Was it random? Knowing the routine of how things are run, I must know when to move and make things happen. I am very observant; I analyze everything that happens with me or to me, whether the good or bad. I analyze other situations I see or hear about, as long as I know details. I'm careful with how I break it down and rebuild it. Things aren't always how they appear. So I tread lightly because I know I can come to a wrong conclusion and that can be very devastating. To have the chance to take control of the situation or to take the chance of an opportunity when the perfect timing presents itself, can be very confusing and nervy, and it dealing with someone sometimes it's hard not to be impertinently bold. So when we come to a conclusion after our physical moment, either we end up with a severe consequence or we proceed in a direction we know is beneficial; it’s auspicious. What do we do? Do we sit and wait for help? Do we advance off of what benefits we just gained? We analyze the whole situation, break it down, rebuild, we take control, and we take the chance timing gives us. It's all routine, follow it. Remember, things aren't always how they appear, so tread lightly.

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