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Inmate Blog Entry: Monday, October 9 2017

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Darrell Keeling's Profile
Age: 53
Location: Wickliffe, KY
Total Blog Entries: 1

I’m presently two chapters away from completing a novel I’ve written. I’ve accomplished this goal while being incarcerated. Within the novel I discuss how I became an adult at the age of six. Wherefore, I never had the privilege of being a kid in life. Years of suffering from mental and physical abuse, I share with the readers how I became dependent on drugs and alcohol. As if this wasn’t bad enough, my experiences of numerous jail and prison sentences, what it’s like inside of these places, how mental illnesses have become a large part of corrections today. Personal interviews I’ve conducted with inmates serving life or double life sentences and the crimes they were convicted of, two different prison riots a friend and I both witnessed (what happened and what caused them), segregation unit (the hole), job performances of jailors and correctional officers (their goals), parole boards, descriptions of those in authority (judges, prosecutors, attorneys, police officers etc) After working on change for the past three years, how I fell and got back up. How I changed old behaviors and negative thoughts. The transformation that inspired me to change my life. What prompted me into writing this book…it’s a story beyond belief. My question for you; is this a book society would be interested in reading? Please comment…Regarding what you have read, is there anything you have often wondered about? Please comment…Thank you for your input, have a wonderful day.

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