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Inmate Blog Entry: Thursday, February 1 2018

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Laurence King 's Profile
Age: 36
Location: Salem, OR
Total Blog Entries: 1

Change is inevitable. We, as individuals, and society as a whole, are in a constant state of change. I’ve come to feel life is an experience of events, evaluated and defined by our perceptions. Many times we require the aide of others, to open our eyes to the truth, to the proper perceptions of life’s events. As I’ve grown older, had aide, and experienced more, I’ve learned to evaluate things more clearly. Learning to recognize and remove the excuses and justifications, and being able to see the truth of things. I feel life is about learning, growing and helping, but one also needs an open heart, a clear mind, and faith that change will lead to the success and safety we seek. I feel we either evolve, and our changes are constructive towards our betterment. Or, we get caught in a destructive cycle, stagnating, or worse, devolving. The truth is that I need success in all the different aspects of life, and to achieve that I need clarity understanding, and the ability to change. For I’m not perfect, merely an imperfect being needing growth, understanding and enlightenment.

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