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Inmate Blog Entry: Monday, November 13 2017

Inmate Blog Category: TRANSISTION

Bryavi Pride's Profile
Age: 23
Location: Huntsville, TX
Total Blog Entries: 1

The relevancy of life after prison is an ever present thought for anyone who is doing time. Constant change in family, friends, and relationships, as well as others thoughts and actions constrict, add to, as well as take away from planning and strategizing life after prison. The transition can be many of things; strenuous, tedious, demanding, comfortable, easy, confident, etc. Death plays a major role in the scheme of things as well. Although it’s a part of life, it conjures up a mass of emotions, feelings, and decisions, to make. Another issue we face while incarcerated is the desertion and noncompliance of people who vowed to be a part of the umbilical cord of support created in lieu of being incarcerated. With the feeling of abandonment, a wide array of ex-offenders prior to, and after, release experience a state of depression which over time leads to a breach and/or disconnect of communication from the very means of support that was sought out initially. The value of peace and peace of mind is priceless. In a place where only the strong survive, not in the physical but the mental sense, growth is not only prominent and necessary, it’s required to sustain, maintain, and utilize this time in the most constructive and correct manner. Myself, I personally feel if people, whether family or not, truly analyze prison, the system, and the effects of the way the system is operated, they would relinquish all preconceived notions and be more sensitive to an ex-offenders appeal for help, love, and support.

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