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Welcome Home Kits Sent to Inmates: 44

Welcome Home Kits donates a portion of its proceeds to provide "Welcome Home Kits" to inmates who are going home. Our kits contain various items for recently released inmates who likely have nothing to start with. These are not for inmates who are coming home to stay with supportive family or friends, but designed for those who have nothing and no one waiting. As a pen-pal on, you may have encountered such inmates. These inmates are statistically much more likely to return to prison, mainly because they lack a supportive safety net on the outside. This kit will provide them with some basic essentials. If you are familiar with an inmate in this situation, please complete the form below. We can only send out a limited number of these kits. If you want to be sure that this person receives the tools needed, we encourage you to send the items yourself.

The contents of each kit may vary slightly, but these are some items that we are likely to include in a Welcome Home Kit: Duffle bag or backpack, flashlight w/batteries, toiletries (toothpaste/brush, soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc.), roll of toilet paper, pre-paid phone card, pre-paid food card, $5 cash, wallet, and a Welcome Home Guide & Welcome Home Kit Cover Letter. (Pen-pals: Be sure to research and send along relevant phone numbers, such as homeless shelters, clinics, laundromats, etc. There is a form to compile such a list in the Welcome Home Guide.)

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